About Us

Smile confidently again and get new quality of life.

Who are we?

We are not a dental agency with extra, we do not charge you any extra cost. We run our own dental clinic in Budapest (Hungary). Our first dental clinic – SOS Dent – was founded by Dr. Redouane Nariman and Dr. Kettinger Tibor in 1991 as a family business of Kettinger’s.

Whether you need dental implants, veneers, teeth whitening, crown or bridge, we help you to get professional dental care at affordable price, we help you to get treated and to smile confidently again.

What is dental tourism?

Dental tourism is the practice of traveling to another country (e.g. Hungary) in order to receive dental work. Depending on the location and treatment, traveling abroad can save you up to 70% of what you would pay at your home country. Including air fare, travel insurance, booking hotels, shopping, car hiring, it can still be cheaper than internal dental care.

People choose this way of care even for the simplest treatment to the longest interventions. And the reasons for it are very plain; firstly they can save money on dental care, secondly they can go on vacation to an exotic, historical country, where they would not go otherwise.

Why travel abroad for dental care?

Dental care costs are constantly on the rise in many Western countries (e.g. UK). But why pay exorbitant prices at home when you can travel abroad and receive the same treatment – if not better – from a fully certified medical facility for a fraction of the price?

Many would think that an important dental work would be so expensive in their country, that they do not give a chance to look around and find cheaper places. But thanks to more affordable traveling prices, Internet technology and important advances in medical science, dental tourism are becoming a global trend. In many cases, it is cheaper to book a flight, a hotel and pay for the dental work in a foreign country, than it would be inland.

Choose Smilistic®. Choose Budapest.

Hungary is in the forefront of dental tourism thanks to the country’s low prices, the qualified doctors, and that Hungarian dental specialists have been treating visitors from Germany and Austria for decades. Now a full member of the European Union Hungary with its respected tradition of dental care is expanding its dental tourism offerings.

People don’t realize that in an eastern university, doctor education can be as qualified as in western countries. Universities like Semmelweis University of Budapest or University of Szeged are carrying authority worldwide. Those doctors, who are finishing these schools, are much in demand. And it is becoming obvious that western hospitals hire doctors from Central Eastern Europe, because of their professionalism.